Is the future of physical stores selling products?

Is the future of physical stores selling products?

It may look weird question if a shop will sell products in the future. Of course shops sell! But physical shops are living a terrible moment, never seen before. The majors retailers in the USA closed more than 5 000 shops last year. So, it makes us question, what is the future of physical shops?

For us, from bola creative tech, one of the big roles of the shop of the future is to entertain. What is called retail-tainment. According to the last Syncrony Finanacial’s report, 55% of consumers surveyed picked “an in-store experience that entertains me” as one of the top three most exciting ideas for the future of retail.

And some shops are already taking advantage of this customer desire and delivering great entertainment experiences. Most of these experiences are allowed by technology, used in a creative way.

At Lululemon shop at Regent St, London, there is an interactive wall that follows your movement with colors.

In Soho, NY, Allbirds, the merino shoe brands that entitle itself as the “most confortable shoes in the world”, has a fun running belt where you can test the shoes close to the clouds.

Entertainment engages and creates an emotion connection between brands and customers. It can be the reason that consumers are going to your physical shop and not buying on-line. It really can make the difference for your brand. Are you doing something special to delight your customers?

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