Creative tech concepts and product development

We create concepts of products to increase brand value and engage your costumers in this new era of technology. we have a wide supplier network to help us to turn our idea reality.

We develop tailored product solutions by leveraging the combined expertise of our collaborator team and a variety of start-ups we are in contact:


  • Transforming ideas into concepts to drive them forward by new technologies
  • Helping to achieve social and human level intelligence with AI  and VR and promote personalized   experiences that help you to engage users and improve brand experience
  • Initiating and accompanying collaborations with cutting edge universities in your branch

Give a personal touch

As Gen Z shoppers are all about expressing their individuality through their purchases, product personalization is a major selling point these days. Pletzsch, a German juwellery group, is very well known for their wedding rings. In order to further refine the shopping experience we thought about how Pletzsch can provide a personalized customer support that demonstrates a convincing understanding of marrying people. The result is a »music wedding ring box« where the couple can memorize the melody that is connected to their love.

Be connected

The customer journey doesn’t end at the door when the customer is leaving the brick and mortar shop. However that requires that you get the customers address and even better its online address. Many people, especially elder ones are afraid todo this. To help Pletzsch to get access to these informations in a natural and playful way for the user we developed the idea for an app. During the sales discussion the customer can swipe over the jewelry and via NFC upload a small movie about the jewelry. Now it is easy to send it to the partner, friends and family to get another opinion. The app is a multifunctional tool to keep in contact and serve the customer. Among other features it records all the buying bills, which is very helpful in case of a robbery, and gives you an alert the moment a desired piece is on sale.