Future thinking workshops

Improve your strategy with taylor-made workshops for your team, engaging, capacitating and creating a future thinking culture.

We stimulate your visionary thinking with creative workshops:


  • Understanding the consumer’s personality with visual decoding techniques
  • Enhance your capabilities to build an iconic brand with design thinking
  • Thought-provoking workshops to inspire new product design
  • Understanding the key principals of gamefication strategies

Visual thinking & story telling

1.8 billion pictures are uploaded and shared every single day. But do we really know how to read and communicate with pictures. This 2-4 days workshop will train the observation skills of the participants, introduce them into how to use images as a hardware and a software for communication and how to tell the story even if one can’t can’t draw. Among other Universities in China this workshop was held at SIVA, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts.

Playful data mining at Allianz insurance

Our colleague Tim Bruysten asked us and other colleagues to conduct a very special 1-day data mining workshop for Allianz. The workshop was based on games that challenged participants to leave the shared data search path and open their eyes to a variety of sources. Our contribution was the development of a game to decide whether Düsseldorf needs another hotel or not. None of the tasks should have anything to do with insurance. The take away was a nurtured attitude to use different data sources and to understand how to link and visualize the results.