Retail brand experiences

We believe that retail has to reflect this new consumer. we help to build new solutions for the retail market, blending together the best of creativity and technology.


  • Providing a 360 degree brain force for radical retail innovations and new product development that improves   brand value and brand experience
  • Inspiring concepts that serve the emerging behaviors driven by new technologies
  • Closing the gap between physical and digital

Always open

Like windows that connect inside with outside, the new stores for bucalu, a Chinese window supplier, are always open for their customers. The gallery of windows and doors can be entered any time and a big screen takes care that the phygital experience doesn’t stop.

ZDF at re:publica – an immersive experience

We were asked to pitch for an interactive fair stand at the re:publica. Our idea was to create a section of an arena that leads to an interactive installation of a volcanic eruption the can be experienced via a VR headset.

Vitalize the ZDF Hauptstadtstudio Berlin!

We were asked to develop some ideas how the inner court yard of the Hauptstadtstudio can be transferred to a place to be and connected to both sides of the streets.

Co-working office for mcs

Mcs, an international supply chain management, asked us to generate ideas to transfer their warehouse into a co-working office, that creates team spirit and reflects their playful promotional materials.