Trends surveys

We make surveys in the area of marketing, design, architecture, fashion and technology to inspire and help your company to look forward.

We offer you on the ground coverage of key take aways in various disciplines:


  • State of the art architecture, technology, fashion and art movements studies
  • Analysis of online and offline retail strategies
  • Survey of consumer behaviors broken down by countries
  • In-depth reporting of innovative branding and marketing strategies in retail

State of the art for ZDF

Further development of the ZDF (german public TV channel) brand image.
ZDF puts itself to the test at regular intervals. Hesse Design helped to further develop the brand concept, to adapt the brand positioning to the new requirements and to give impulses to the relevant design areas.

The state of the art “Online-Performance”, “Trailer/Teaser Design”, “Stage Design” and “Branded Environment” were researched and recommendations were derived for the ZDF areas.

Location determination

Every branding process needs a location determination. For aliangé we did a research of the market of cosmetic care products Germany, to find the right brand positioning and to develop a design strategy for the products and media.